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We are transmission experts, and we are good at what we do. As you can see below, we have a wide range of services that we offer, and we’re confident that we are the best in the area to do each of these. Everything from our core transmission work, to rebuilding your front or rear wheel drive, to replacing computer systems, to installing tow packages; we’re the right company to do the job for you.

  • Transmission Repair
  • Replacing a Transmission
  • Rebuilding FWD & RWD
  • Installing a Clutch
  • Replacing Valve Bodies
  • Replacing Converter
  • Replacing Computers
  • Wiring Problems
  • Solenoid Switches
  • Diagnostic Procedures

What to expect

What You Should Expect When You Bring Your Vehicle For The First Time

First we will meet and greet you, and ask about any problems that you are having with your vehicle. Next, will ask how long you’ve been having the problem(s), and if you’ve had any previous work done. The more information you provide for us; the easier it will be to diagnose your problem correctly, and ensure a proper repair the first time.

We will then invoice you, and do the initial road test of your vehicle. This is complementary, and is done to make sure the problem is transmission related.

After this is done, your vehicle is left with us to further diagnose problems by performing extensive Diagnostic Procedures.

Refer to Diagnostic Procedures

After the diagnostics are completed, we will communicate with you what is wrong with your vehicle. We will also explain the proper services that are required for approval. We follow this procedure regardless of whether it is a small problem, such as a leak, or a large problem, such as a necessary rebuilding of the transmission.

Examples of issues that can be diagnosed at this stage are listed below:

  1. Leaks – Cooler Lines, Pan Gasket, Front of Transmission, and Other External or Internal Leaks
  2. Wiring Problems
  3. Solenoid and Sensor Switch
  4. Valvebody Problems
  5. Replacing the Transmission With Another Unit.
  6. Rebuilding the Transmission Like New
  7. Replacing the Computer
  8. Replacing the Torque Converter
  9. Clutch Problems
  10. Flywheel
  11. Minor Adjustments
  12. Transfer Case Problems on 4×4 Vehicles
  13. Wiring Harness

When Rebuilding Your Transmission…

  • You will be asked for authorization to remove the transmission for internal inspection. This is to allow us to assess any damaged internal components.
  1. Inspection is crucial to the cost of the repair, because there is no way of knowing exactly what is causing the malfunction.
  2. Even with trained technicians, and computer tests, there are always things that can be unexpected.
  3. External components such as: CV Joints, U Joints, Mounts, Motor Leaks, Cables, Linages, the Clutch Disc, and the Flywheel will all be examined for possible problems.
  • An itemized list of necessary parts will be turned infor estimating the cost of repairs.
  • After the estimate is completed, you will be called once again for authorization of repairs to your vehicle. We will explain to you what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and offer to have you come in if you wish to take a look at the damage done.
  • Upon your approval, the rebuilding of the transmission takes place in a clean environment. This is crucial so that no contamination gets back into the vehicle.
  • While the transmission is being rebuilt, we use a device called a ‘hot flush machine’ to get all the contamination out of the transmission cooler. Check it out at:
  1. The hot flush machine is specially designed to use hot fluid to flush out all of the contamination in the transmission cooler, which is located inside the radiator.
  2. This operation can take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the amount of contamination present in the cooler and coolant lines.
  3. Using hot fluid is superior to other methods, because it replicates operating temperatures to flush debris.
  4. Once again, a clean system is crucial to ensuring that now contamination gets into the system. This greatly extends the life of your newl rebuilt transmission.
  • All of the electrical components are also cleanedwith a special electrical component cleaner which protects electronics in addition to cleaning. This will ensure the proper operation of your vehicle.
  • After the transmission is completely installed; all the external connections and adjoining components are checked to make sure everything is in proper working order.
  • At this point, the final road test is performed. This will ensure thatyour transmission is shifting at the proper shift points, and that there are no leaks. We also put your vehicle back onto the lift to do a final inspection to ensure that there are no leaks.
  • After everything is evaluated, you will be called to come in and pick up your vehicle. It will have a 2 Year, 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty on your newly rebuilt transmission. If you wish, you may also look at the parts that were taken out of the vehicle and replaced.

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