Pricing: General Information

Our standard labor rate is $60 per Hour. We use time and guide manual to determine the number of hours spent on jobs, however it will be adjusted accordingly because there always can be variations in the different jobs.

Diagnostic fees also vary, but we do offer Free minor diagnostic, not including scanning the vehicle. The use of the scanner equipment starts at $40. You can view the full list of diagnostic procedures by clicking the link to your upper left.
A Key Point In Today’s Economy

The cost of repairing a vehicle is much less expensive, and better for many, than simply purchasing a new car. An additional car payment can be very difficult to handle in tough times, and the trade in value on a car with a bad transmission wouldn’t do nearly enough to offset this. If you trade in for a used vehicle, you may end up with something just as bad, or worse than what you have now. Repairing what you have already, to work like new is an smart and economical decision.

There are many key issues which will affect the cost of repairing or replacing your transmission. The more complex the vehicle; the higher the cost. These areas of complexity include:

  • If the vehicle is Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, or All Wheel Drive
  • If the vehicle has overdrive
  • If the vehicle has electronic components in the transmission – all newer cars do.
  • and many more vehicle specific issues.


Every vehicle is made differently, and as such has different needs. In addition, there are many factors involved in diagnosing the true problems. As such, we can’t provide general price quotes on our website because of this wide spectrum of vehicle differences. However, you can click the link to the above left to view our standard charges for Dignostic Procedures. This will give you a general idea about simple costs not related to actual Repair or Replacement of your Transmission. We welcome you to contact us by Telephone at (256) 383-4825 or by using our handy Contact Us page. From any of these options we can schedule a time for you to bring your vehicle in to have an evaluation of your needs, and an estimate given.

We guarantee you a fantastic price, and fantastic service.

Diagnostic Procedures

Level 1: Simple Inspection and Drivability Tests – Free
A: Road Test
B: Fluid Check
C: Check Linkages
D: Visual Under Car Inspection
E: Check of Shift Points

Level 2: Everything in the Free Simple Inspection Plus Items Below – $25 & Up
A: Pan Exam
B: Adjusting Linkages
C: Grommets
D: Minor Vacuum Checks

Level 3: Electronics – $40 For 30 Minutes or Less
A: Use of Scan Tool to Retrieve Codes From Transmission
B: Connection of Electronic Diagnostic Equipment
1. O/D Light Flashing
2. Check Engine Light
3. Any Other Apparent Electronic Concern Areas

Level 4: Additional Electronic and Computer Tests – $75 per Hour – Up To 2 Hours
A: Code Retrieval From Database
B: Reconnection of Diagnostic Equipment
C: Computer Reset
D: Connection of Additional Electronic Diagnostic Equipment
1. Minor Pin Point Testing
2. Sensor Checking
3. Any Other Apparent Electronic Concern Areas

Level 5: Advanced Diagnosis & Testing – $75 per Hour – Up To 4 Additional Hours
A. Advanced Test May Be Needed if Level 4 Testing Cannot Properly Locate Problem
You Will Be Notified Before This Level of Testing is Commenced
B. Examples of Testing Possibilities
1. Tracing Electrical & Wiring Grounds
2. Tracing Wiring Diagrams
3. Checking For Shorts
4. Extensive Testing of Wires, Sensors, & Computer Connections.

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